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How to use the Gallery

I am gradually building up a collection of images to support my teaching, speaking and writing, starting with images relating to The Look of the Past.

Each project will contribute a separate category to the Gallery:within each there may be several sub-categories (each devoted for example to a different chapter of a book, or part of a course).

Tips for using the Gallery

1. If the Galery displays oddly in recent versions of Internet Explorer, try clicking on the Compatibility icon on the top row, next to the address window.

2. In the Search window, "Search for words" searches for terms appearing in the captions, and the search by tags will bring together everything in the Courtauld Gallery, for example, or everything by Bernini .

3. You may download images from this collection on Creative Commons Terms

Creative Commons License

  • Copyright in these images remains with me, but you may re-use them on these terms:

  • You may download any image, or any number of images, without charge, and without prior permission.

  • You may edit, adapt, or change any such images.

  • You may make them, whether in original form, or changed, available to others, provided that you do so on the same terms as you received them.

  • In making these images available elsewhere, you must acknowledge their source, and include the photographer's name.

  • If you do use or do intend to use these images, whether in original form, or changed, for any commercial or profit-making purpose, please get in touch to give me details and to confirm that you are sending me your standard fee.

  • Click on the following link for fuller details of the Creative Commons license: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 England & Wales License.

To download an image, right click on it, then Save as … 


Specific Projects covered in the Gallery

The Look of the Past was published by CUP in September 2012. It discusses the ways in which historians can understand and make use of visual material. While the book is well illustrated, I aim to provide in the Gallery a range of visual material that could not be included in the book.

Each chapter of the book will be represented in a separate sub-category of the main category The Look of the Past.

Heroism. I shall include here visual material in support of my course on Heroism.

Collaboration with Contemporary Artists - Beth Fisher. Photographs taken at the Private View of Beth Fisher's exhibition, Grisaille Legacy, at the Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh





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